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Who We Are

Central Oregon Rocketry Enthusiasts are kids and adults of all ages, made up of students, professionals, hobbyists, men, women, boys & girls …all who share a love of rocketry, aeronautics, and all things Space!

What We Do

– We’re designers, chemists, physicists, engineers, mathematicians, test pilots, and astronauts…

– Who design, test, calculate, simulate, collaborate, support, cheer, and dream.

– We’re all here to learn, help, and inspire each other.

How We Do It

Through CORE you’ll be able to learn and/or contribute skills in:

  • 3D modeling, animation, and printing
  • CNC machining and laser cutting
  • Woodworking, welding, and fabrication
  • Electrical, mechanical, structural, aeronautical, and computer engineering, and computer science
  • Physics, mathematics, and chemistry



CORE is National Association of Rocketry (NAR) Section #870 and all CORE launch activities are governed by the Tripoli Safe Launch Practices, NAR Model Rocket Safety Code and the NAR High Power Safety Code. If you wish to fly “High Power” with CORE you must be a NAR or Tripoli member; if you wish to fly “Research Motors” you must be an L2 Tripoli member and be prepared to show your membership card with certification level.